Berkeley College at Yale

Berkeley College at Yale

Academic Procession

The procession includes the university leadership, members of the faculty, and the individuals listed below.

The Yale University banner and the Yale College banner are carried by the recipients of the Alpheus Henry Snow Prize and the Arthur Twining Hadley Prize, respectively. The American flag and the Connecticut state flag are carried by the recipients of the Warren Memorial Prize and the Russell Henry Chittenden Prize, respectively. The president’s banners are carried by the recipients of the Louis Sudler Prize. The New Haven city flag is carried by a graduating senior from the New Haven area.

Lloyd Suttle Chief Marshal
Christine Elizabeth Hayes Senior Marshal
Edward Kamens Corporation Marshal
Kathryn Krier Chief Procession Marshal

Samuel Byrd Cross Campus Marshal
Constance Clement Cross Campus Marshal
Frank J. Mathew Procession Guide
Molly Meyer Old Campus Marshal
Marinda E. Monfilston Procession Guide
Michael Joseph Patrick Morand Yale College Procession Guide
Lisa Sawin Procession Guide

Coit Redfearn Liles Chief Usher

Yale College

David A.D. Evans Head of College
Brianne Bilsky Faculty Marshal
Enrique M. De La Cruz Head of College
Maria del Mar Galindo Faculty Marshal
Anjelica Gonzalez Head of College
Ryan André Brasseaux Faculty Marshal
Timothy Dwight
Mary Lui Head of College
Sarah Joanna Mahurin Faculty Marshal
Jonathan Edwards
Paul North Head of College
Christina Rosanna Ferando Faculty Marshal
Benjamin Franklin
Charles David Bailyn Head of College
Jessie Royce Hill Faculty Marshal
Grace Hopper
Julia Potter Adams Head of College
David Francis Faculty Marshal
Catherine Panter-Brick Head of College
Blake Trimble Faculty Marshal
Pauli Murray
Tina Lu Head of College
Alexander S. Rosas Faculty Marshal
Stephen John Davis Head of College
Tasha Hawthorne Faculty Marshal
Thomas J. Near Head of College
Ferentz Lafargue Faculty Marshal
Arielle Baskin-Sommers Head of College
Thomas Santa Maria Faculty Marshal
Ezra Stiles
Alicia Schmidt Camacho Head of College
Murphy Temple Faculty Marshal
Margaret Sydnor Clark Head of College
Surjit K. Chandhoke Faculty Marshal

Graduate and Professional Schools

Phillip Bernstein Faculty Marshal
Aki Sasamoto Faculty Marshal
Almeda Wright Faculty Marshal
Ru Wang Faculty Marshal
Roman Kuc Faculty Marshal
Julie Zimmerman Faculty Marshal
Global Affairs
Lorenzo Caliendo Faculty Marshal
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Jasmina Beširević Faculty Marshal
Mike Kevin Thompson Faculty Marshal
AJ Wasserstein Faculty Marshal
Elisabeth Cuoco Faculty Marshal
John Francis Faculty Marshal
Jessica Illuzzi Faculty Marshal
Christine Rodriguez Faculty Marshal
Public Health
Joshua Warren Faculty Marshal
Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Shawkat Toorawa Faculty Marshal